Iguazu fall is between Brazil and Argentina...

I went there in 2017 for a solo backpacking trip.

This is definitely a breath taking place. From the pictures you can only imagine the greatness of this place but not the energy (I got a little closer with the video on my Youtube channel). The water if falling from so high that produce like a mist that fills the air and produces long lasting rainbows in certain points and it’s there where you feel the magic.

I took a boat tour (which I highly recommend) that took me right under the waterfall where you get soaking wet, but don’t worry it’s hot enough to resist. There I felt so small compare to Nature and so thank full for what It can give. I felt so energetic I was shaking…

Then I went for a walk in the park around it where I met many animals like opossum (please don’t feed them because they can be aggressive and transmit diseases) birds and big butterflies. The trail that goes above water is fantastic and you can see the waterfall from where it falls and feeling as if you were about to fall… terrific.

So if you are looking for an energy boost and a place to feel in contact with Nature this is it.

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